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Fish Club Take Possession of New Fish Tank. New Fish Are Next!

5th Mar 2015
Fish Club Take Possession of New Fish Tank.  New Fish Are Next!

By Joshua Doherty

The fish club and I had a movie day to raise money for the school to buy some new fish and a new fish tank. We asked everybody to bring in 2 euro. If they brought in 2 euro they would get a goodie bag that had a rice crispy bun, taytos, a bag of sweets and a drink.

There were two groups. The junior end watched ‘A Turtles Tale Sammys adventure’. The senior end watched ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’.  We raised 454 euro on the day.

On the 26th of February Jack Mccabe, Mrs Butler, Willy the caretaker and I went to Clonmel to collect the new fish tank and some new fish. The tank holds 180L so we could get about 5 big fish and a dozen of small fish. We didn’t get any fish on the day because we are getting tropical fish not cold fish. If we were getting cold water fish then we could take them straight away but we couldn’t because we were getting tropical water fish. This is because you need to settle the water in the right temperature for a week before the fish can go in.  We are getting a flat blue fish, a red fish with blue sparkles on it and we are getting a small fish called the speedy fox. It goes around eating all the fish waste so we don’t have to clean the tank that much. We got a few ornaments like plants and rocks. We got two big white rocks with holes in them. We got some plants with the tank but not all of them because they were too colourful.

 As well as the rocks and plants we got light and dark blue sand. The man who worked there said that when we put in the water it will be cloudy because of the sand. But it will wear off eventually. When we went to pay the man said he gave us a discount. When we were finished Mrs Butler treated us to some ice-cream from KFC.

 I want to say thanks to Mrs Butler for all the hard work she does with the fish club. We really enjoy it.